Monday, 27 August 2007

Where did the last week go???

Got back from a week in Cyprus at 4.30 this morning and already it feels like it never happened. Why do holidays go so quickly? I can't believe we are back at school next July it seemed as though the summer was ahead of us but this year it just didn't happen! Hence the holiday, and DID THAT SUN SHINE!! 35c every day, so most of the time spent in the pool or shade (I can see the attraction of being a fish now!) and even at night it only went down to 28c - thank goodness for aircon. Still, the brilliant news is that it was too hot to eat so for the first time ever I have come home weighing 4lbs less than when I went! Made some wonderful friends, Olga and Adrianos - hello if you look in and thank you for your most generous hospitality - you really made our holiday.

Must catch up on my fave blogs and challenges tomorrow, oh and there's the washing to do (OK, it can wait), and 50 odd emails to sort through (may as well do a mass deletion). I really missed my craft den - it's the first place I went when I got in at 4.30am to stroke some stash. Didn't find any craft shops in Cyprus so I was beginning to feel quite panicky at the lack of pretty papers and embellies, although I did take my Making Cards mag with me which I read so many times that the free papers are a bit frayed at the edges! Speaking of which, that's how I feel now (frayed at the edges), so early night for me!

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