Tuesday, 23 October 2007


On Sunday evening, whilst tidying my craft room, I dropped my paper cutter on the screen of my laptop - needless to say, the laptop is now useless! The good news is that my son has lent me his laptop, so I spent most of yesterday customising it to suit what I need to do - A BIG THANK YOU TO JAMES , you are a brilliant son!

I did manage a bit of card making and here is one creation. Basic Grey papers (again!), various metal embellishments which I like at the moment, Heidi Grace stamps, lots of lovely ribbon and the little rattan heart that I picked up somewhere. I love the effect of the torn edge on
the frame and will definately do this again.
Just wanted to add that these photos are edited with my HP editing programme which came with my
digital camera and seem much clearer than the MS photo editing, so perhaps something good came out of my accident with the paper cutter.

Now, where is that home insurance policy?


~KRISTY~ said...


Deb said...

Your rattan heart is fabulous, how sweet, I love metal embellishments just not too. sorry to hear about your laptop disaster, so soon after the glitter disaster too!

malieta said...

Very cute card!

All Pink girl said...

Fantastic card love all the different textures ,sorry to hear about your lap top .Dawnx

Ana Baird said...

Fab Cards and great blog!

Karen said...

Say after me: "I will not drop things onto my laptop screen"!! :o(

What a pain for you Juliet, hope you get it fixed soon.

Fab card, love that heart!