Monday, 29 September 2008

Alexandra Palace Weekend

And what a wonderful weekend it was! I met my lovely friends from the Charmed Forum and we had a grand time laughing, eating and buying stash - who could ask for more?
I enjoyed the show because there were lots of exhibitors who don't do the northern shows, and there were some very good demonstrations from Jayne Nestorenko, Wendi Rhodes, Stephanie Weightman and many others. I think I bought just about everything on my list, so that's me on a stash diet for a while.

Just need to get creating again!

Ooooh, I nearly forgot. I had a lovely surprise waiting when I got home from work today - I won Kathy's birthday blog candy - woohoo! No pressure Kathy, but I can't wait to see it - there's nothing like the anticipation of a surprise parcel is there? Thanks so much Kathy xxx



Wow Juliet, looks like you had a good spend out! I wish i had gone now, maybe next year, will have to start saving!! Enjoy using your new toys! Hugs Linda x

Deb M. said...

Looks like a fun time. Loved visiting your blog...your creations are all lovely. I will be back to visit very soon. :o)
Thanks for stopping by my blog today...I appreciate your sweet comment.

Deb M.

Karen said...

Look forward to seeing all your new goodies on your wonderful cards :o)


Sammi said...

How Fun!
Oh wow!! What a lovely load of stash!

Sarah C said...

I never got to see the demo's! Oops. You've got some great stash there. It certainly was good being able to meet you at last :)

Congrats on the candy win.

Catch ya soon xxx

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm lots of stash there Juliet!

I was quite chuffed when I saw Jane Nestorenko I must admit - her work is amazing.

Nice to meet you and hopefully we can do it again next year - maybe a northern show this time xxx

ENJAY said...

Oh jealous or wat!!!!!!!!!
Did I mention jealous!!!!!
:} xxxx

Mellie said...

It was fun to meet up. You certainly did well with your stash. (Far more than I saw you with on the Saturday lol)