Sunday, 26 October 2008

Inspirational Crafting Blog!

I just had to share this. I've been featured on Inspirational today - I can't believe it, but obviously I'm thrilled to bits.
Visited loads but never thought I'd make it there. What a great start to the day!
Thanks Christine


Karen said...

Congratulations Juliet, you deserve it! Your work is always fantastic.

Sonja said...

Congratulations! I like your work!

maddy hill said...

congratulations Juliet ! much deserved !
maddy x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Juliet, your work is brilliant and you more than deserve it. xxx

Sian said...

It's about time LOL ;)

Congrats, your creations are wonderful, I love looking at your blog, you are an inspiration :)

Sarah C said...

Huge congrats from me Juliet. No wonder you're so happy and rightly so. What a great way to start your week off work xxx

Paula's ponderings said...

Congratulations! You so deserve it!

Arline said...

Congrats Juliet! Definitely deserved! Your projects are always fabulous!xx