Thursday, 16 August 2007

Results Day!

Well, A Level results day is here finally, and my son has two C's and a D and has been offered a place on his Sports Studies course at Birmingham University. What a relief - all that nagging!!
I also got my AS result for English Language and Literature which I am doing on-line with Sheffield College and I got an A - can't believe it! What a great day this has turned out to be. No time for crafting today though, although I did pop into the local craft shop to pick up a magazine and a couple of other things (new Dovecraft ribbons 5m for 99p!!!), so intend to spend this evening leisurely reading with a glass of red wine. My son and his mates have gone out on the town, of course, so who knows when I will see him again and what state he will be in, but he deserves to celebrate. Back tomorrow with the DCM where's that bottle of wine?

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Louly said...

I knew you'd pass Juliet! and that mention of the grade A was far to understated. I think you should change it to bold, bright red and HUGE!!! BTW I love your new blog banner.